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Tiny Mantra - Moon Phase choker



The moon has long represented female energy.  Like all things on earth, the moon has a natural cycle.  Connect to that strong energy with this necklace and GET INTO THE FLOW

Waxing Crescent ☽ Intention

Waxing Gibous ☽ Refinement

Full Moon ☽ Release and sealing of intention

Waning Gibous ☽ Gratitude

Waning Crescent ☽ Surrender

And do it all again..... Get into the flow.

The pendant measures approx 1 1/2 cm and hangs horizontally on the chain.  All are hung on a 15" chain which fits the average adult neck choker style, as shown on model.  Longer chains are available, longer than 18" may have a small added fee.  Available in recycled sterling silver or 14kt gold vermeil.




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